Extensive Experience
A decade of providing top-flight valve solutions to companies of all sizes and specialities in multiple countries
has given us a command of this field that few can equal or better.

Exceptional Expertise
Our core philosophy of 'Making You More Competitive' is the principle that has always defined us
and that guides our emergence as a world enterprise

Excellent Solutions
From proven valve designs to custom-made valves,
we offer a range of solutions that any manufacturing company will find unusually effective.

Extraordinary Results
From quality to customer satisfaction, we have an unbroken record
for making the mark every single time with every single customer.

Extreme Service
Anywhere in India and anywhere across the world we can ensure
that you have every reason to be elated with us.

LexCorp is today recognised as a pioneer in the Indian valve industry.

At LexCorp, we combine our broad and deep experience with various industries by using the best human and technological assets to create custom solutions and give all our customers superior, innovative choices in valves. Value, Productivity, Profit and the enviornment are our key benchmarks.

World-class custom-designed and custom-manufactured valves.

Do you need a valve solution that is a first-of-its-kind? We specialise in designing and making valves that have no precedent.
We have done it for many companies in India and around the world.
Please call and we will be glad to provide you with a 'finished' solution that completely answers your specific, unique need.

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